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Summer Camp Registration

Registration for Camp Sonshine 2019 will be Tuesday, March 26 from 6:00 pm-7:00 pm for returning camp families! Families on our wait list will be called following registration on a first come, first serve basis. Please call Devan at 217-496-2338 ext 8 to be added to the wait list. .

Please go to the "downloads" and follow the directions to get the registration forms, handbook, menus, and field trip schedules. 


General Camp Sonshine Information

Where does your money go?

  • $85 registration fee - buys supplies for all projects for the summer ($8.50 per week)
  • $115 of each week pays for labor costs ($23 per day and we are open 11 hours)
  • $25 of each week pays for bus/ field trips / guest speakers
  • $15 of each week pays for lunch ( if in that program)
  • $5 of each week pays for snacks
  • any other income goes to supplies / miscellaneous


The children will enroll in 1 club per camp of their choice when you register. There will be no limits to the number of children who can enroll in a particular club so all the children will get their first choice and we will work around their choices. A list of all the club choices for each week are included in the camp brochure. More detailed descriptions of activities for each club will be included in the registration materials.

Field Trips

We will continue to offer 2-3 field trips per week and this year we will also be bringing in quite a few guest speakers and programs to enhance the themes. We will be using the SUMC church bus, Laidlaw bussing, and certified CDL drivers as our means of transportation. Children will be grouped in 5 classes of 16 with 1 teacher and 1 helper.

Movie Fridays

Fridays will be movie days where the children will watch the whole movie in our very own “big screen” theater.. The movie will be complete with movie popcorn and treats which will be earned through out the week for good behavior. ( all children will receive something, just bigger, better, and more choices for those who earn more “movie money” through out the week). Our oldest children will act as the concessionaires and will take “money”, make change, and serve the treats.